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Monday, July 4, 2011

Day 27 Arlington, KS to Dodge City, KS 118 miles

Today was a good day. Exciting.

We woke up slowly and didn't rush to the road. It was time to get back to our old routine. The best, most pleasant suprise came - our first significant, sustained tailwind. It was aweeeeesssssoooommmmeeee.

We were housing miles and decided to pause to read cosmo and suck down a slushy- fun. We basically continued to fly all the way until lunch at Starvin Marvin's bbq. It was excellent, true bbq. Maybe the best lemonade I've ever had. Sadly, the wind shifted to headwinds. Bummer.

Then as usual the tides turned. I swear I almost told greg to build an ark. The heavens rained upon us, pea sized hail pelted us, but the wind shifted! Eventually back to a strong tailwind! Hallelujah. It was great. We yelled primal screams and strange songs but man did we move. Sustained 19 to 20mph. Unheard of.

After more good miles the heavens broke again, this time I thought it was the apocalypse. We saw it coming, but had nowhere to go so we just had to take it. Sheets of rain came flying across the rode so it looked like it was coming from a fire hose. The storm warning said winds of over 60mph, but I know these were stronger. I got stopped dead in my tracks and started getting pushed backwards. The storm warning said quarter sized hail but id say it was more around dime. We just stood our ground as all the cars pulled over. We survived.

And then we continued to crush miles at a great pace! Another storm loomed but we outran it. We had dinner at a great mexican place at our original destination, but we felt so good we decided to take advantage of the wind and crushed another 30 miles or so out to Dodge City. We made it in well before 9.

Then we checked out town. Its an awesome place and greg and I have done enough research on it tto give you a great history lesson. However, we didn't have a place to stay. We ended up sneaking out to a park with a bunch of soccer and baseball fields. We found a baseball field that was tougher to see so we posted up behind the outfield wall. We were protected by a grass mound on the other side, although a runner rolled up on us the next morning. Meh.


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