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Saturday, July 16, 2011

day 36 Somewhere past Shiprock, NM to 16 miles past Kayenta, AZ 10

Waking up was harsh. Mud everywhere. Cleaning up and getting the bikes functional took quite a while but we got out there.

We got into Arizona which is swell. The miles were easy early and harder as the day went on. Southwestern headwinds are brutal.

Greg got a flat, tough chirp.

Things continued to be alright. Navajo nation was questionable. Lots of litter and mildly hostile natives.

We me team ball and chain, this great couple who love biking. They had a sickk transport van and got married on a bike trip. They were super nice and gave us tubes and coke/muscle milk. Surprise win.

Dinner was subway obviously. Then we rolled down the road and slept at a nice cliff. No rattlesnakes.


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