Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Day 29 Lakin, KS to Lamar, CO 72 miles

Welp we had a solid wake up in the fairgroundsy area where we slept last night. A woman working there wasn't initially pumped about our surprise presence. Greg encountered the town Sherrif who seemed ok with us. We got a later start but we rolled.

We decided to ride shirtless for a bit to even out our tans. My back is horribly sunburned. Ouch.

We hit mountain time which is just grand. Extra hours are great, but it did get dark earlier.

It was a pretty smooth, uneventful day. The heat was around 103 at its peak. I did find an American flag in the ditch, so Greg and I match. Groundscore. Surprise win.

Colorado is cool. We crossed over around Holly. Its nicer than Kansas obviously. Colorado poaches all the water before it gets to KS, so there's actually some green grass. Go fig

We're now sleeping in centerfield of a high school girls softball field. solid.



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  1. Bro!!! Sounds like a sick trip and you are killing it! Have fun and keep going at it bro


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