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Friday, July 1, 2011

Day 24 Lyndon, KS to Cottonwood Falls, KS 64 miles

We awoke and it was hot. That was the theme of the day - hot getting hotter. It ended up being the single warmest day of my life. What an accomplishment! Survival woo

We rode through some hills and tried to put up miles. We hung around Osage City for a bit and really raised some hell there. Then there was just a huge stretch of nothing. That's rough when it's pushing 110 for the heat index, 103 standard temp. Eventually we got to Emporia and found a gas station and our new pal Terrance. He is a retiree who is just grand. He loves travelling and we shared great stories.

Next we hit up goodwill. Really solid. We caused more trouble, laughed till it hurt, and bought 2 dollar tees. Feasted at subway and then beasted towards the campground. We arrived and found that they had a pool. Filled with middle school girls. No matter, we stormed it and got refreshed. Then we ate Caseys and passed out. Success.


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