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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Day 30 Lamar, CO to La Junta, CO 61 miles

Greg woke me up abruptly because a softball team was starting their practice. I also immediately discovered that I blew a tire the night before when I went on an orange juice run. Wild morning indeed and the stares were priceless. We changed the tire, got breakfast at the Loafin Jug (best place ever)

We had a short day so the riding wasn't urgent but we kept a solid pace. Lunch was this awesome cafe in Las Animos. We talked bikes with some guys and had awesome sandwiches. We picked up a big dude in jean shorts with a diesel mustache. His name was James and he rode a few miles with us.

Greg got a flat and rode on it like a boss until it really blew out 2 miles from the hotel. I rode my stuff to the hotel and then went back and rode his gear in. Teamwork makes dreams work.

We got into La Junta and got dinner at Sonic after a pool dip. Our hotel is nice. We earned it with all of the questionable camping we've done lately. Our assault on the rockies begins soon.

Don't be unhappy
Baby don't be sad
Better things are coming
You know there's truth in that


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