Thursday, July 7, 2011

Day 31 La Junta, CO to Walsenburg, CO 75 miles

Man we woke up great. We had an awesome night's sleep at the hotel, feasted, and grabbed food for the road at safeway.

Then we got on route 10 and that was our dayy. Greg had bike troubles but we worked through them. We basically rode through this desert/prairie all day. We also climbed a lot, walsenburg is about 2000 feet higher than La Junta coming in at 6000 feet. It's nice to be this high without doing any hardcore climbing. The views of the rockies came in about 30 miles outside of walsenburg.

We got dinner at a mediocre mexican place and grabbed snacks/breakfast for tomorrow at a gas station now we're at a state park trying to get out of paying for a site. We'll make up for it someday when we aren't broke college grads/students.

Lots of climbing tomorrow. Can't wait.


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